Basic Helpful Checklist & Tips For All Travelers

Review these tips before your departure:

  • Make sure you know the destination's Laws/Immigration, visa requirementetc. We advice you to contact your Travel Agent or an appropriate consulate to verify the requirement.
  • Check your passport validity and be sure you have enough pages for visa and immigrations use.
  • If you needed any vaccinations, contact your travel agent, state department or the consulate.
  • Be sure you have cash and credit cards. Carry your bank and credit card contact telephone numbers with you in case you need urgent financial help.
  • Travel Insurance - if you voluntarily cancel the trip then travel insurance should protect you and refund your money. Make sure you read the policy if it covers all that you are expecting.
  • Drivers Licence - try not to drive in a foreign country unless you are good with the local traffic rules beside your licence must be valid and acceptable by the country.If you get any traffic tickets or citation pay it and do not ignore the citation. You may go back to same country again and they could arrest you for ignoring the traffic laws.
  • Before you depart please make copies of your important documents like passport, credit cards, birth certificate, etc. We advise that you leave a duplicate copy with your family or trusted person in case you loss other copies.
  • Respect the country's laws and culture - like your clothing attires, religious beliefs, drinking and driving, drug uses and sex with under age. Just to keep in mind some country drug or sex crime could put you in a death penalty or very long time behind the bars. In a public places or in the restaurants never leave your food or drinks unattended.
  • Never take sealed packages from anyone to carry inside the plane/airports. Open the package and verify what is in there, because it could be an offended or illegal items. Also never leave your luggage unattended.
  • Cell Phone - if your cell phone has 4 band GSM then most likely will work in foreign countries, but you should verify with wireless provider like "the roaming fees, international call plan, text messages and using internet fees". Keep in record how may calls & texts you have made, how much time you spent in the internet, etc. When you received a telephone bill, make sure it matches because some foreign countries' roaming information are not accurate and it could strike with unexpected shocking telephone bills. If you have experienced the same, please contact your provider and challenge unauthorized charges.
  • Keep in touch with your family- so they know your movements.

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