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Givemetickets is a Mega Tickets store where your one stop shopping begins quickly and ends easily.

Givemetickets online web domain, and doing Business under DBA Mexicana Vacations it was founded 1993 in Los Angeles,California.

Givemetickets offers consumers everything they need for Global Travels, Givemetickets Branded online travel website, which features hundreds of airlines, unlimited hotel reservations, custom Vacations, last minute bookings, car rental, tours, cruise,airport transfers,sight seeing,show tickets, sports events,concerts, and basically everything beyond your expectations. We also sell custom vacation packages to anywhere you want.You just need to send us an e-mail with your request to or give us a call for further consultation at 1(909)-790-2225

Our booking engine and distributions provided by Sabre GDS and (WCT) is a member of the ASTA (American Society of travel Agents) and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network).WCT also register as a seller of travel with the state of Florida-FLA-Seller of Travel Reg. # ST-31090,and Givemetickets is also registered and fully licensed and bonded to the Department of Justice in the State of California. Givemetickets CST #2029740-40, IATAN- and Givemetickets is also an accredited with the Airlines Reporting Corporations(ARC) and member of Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) # 505136.

Our goal is to provide low price and great deals to our valued clients. Using our globally powerful booking engine which has the widest selection of travel technology, you can use it, enjoy it, and save big $$$. Our competition is your savings.

Few reasons why you need a Travel Agent

A Travel Agent is your travel representative who you can consult for travel needs, just like your family physician who you consult about health, or the mechanics who fix your family cars.

1. All Licensed Travel Agent should have a GDS (Reservations system) which has a capability to find the best fare, special discounted fares, last minute and promotional fares,directly from the airlines inventory and negotiated fares which may not be available on the Internet or directly to the airlines.Some airlines do not load all fares on the Internet, so they can have better control, specially high seasons and holidays.We always have the global inventory and we will offer you our best expertise.That  is why you should buy from travel agent like

2. Why do we charge a service fee? Because most American carriers and some foreign airlines no longer pay a commission, even though over 70% of the airlines sales revenue is generated from the travel agencies. If  you Book over the telephone with live person ,some airlines may charge a fee between $10-$35.00. Airlines want client should be diverted to the Internet and they can minimized labor cost, high employee salary, benefits etc. You might even experienced some airlines reservation center located out side of USA which are called offshore employment.

So why not give the opportunity to your local travel agent who could take care of your needs?  We will save you more money than your service fee.That is why you should buy from, You get the best help from a live human right from your own home country.

3. Some airlines do not want you to buy from travel agency because they know we have the access of Global inventory and we have the knowledge of the real time inventory, and we may recommend you to fly with other carrier who has cheapest airfare or has lots of seats available. Have you ever had an airline tell you flights are full but when you got inside the plane lots of seat were empty? Then you ask yourself, am I being charged  more since the plane is almost empty? Or, you're charged a higher price because has no bookings. That is why you should buy from, who will not only give you a great deal, but also great service.

4. Many clients complaint that they have received bad services, especially when it comes to refunds, date changes, trip cancellation, or medical/health situations. Givemetickets will be take care of all that for you. You no longer have to spend your time on the phone dealing with long waiting periods or hang-ups, Also, in  the situation on refund many online agencies  tell you to contact the airlines directly, Givemetickets will always take care of the filing  process for any airline tickets which are refundable or exchangeable, Remember, we are not here just to sell tickets. It is our obligation to help clients when they need it the most.That is why you should buy from

Without a travel agent, you're on your own.

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